"The most gratifying aspect of what I do is empowering women of all ages to feel confident and beautiful"

Sandra Glynn

Our Story

I love being a makeup artist. Yes makeup is pretty and really really fun— but what I love most is seeing women transformed— at any age, radiating confidence and feeling empowered after a makeover. I am a Sydney based makeup artist with over 20 years experience in the industry.

Over the course of my career I have not only focused my talents on my own business concentrating on fashion and bridal, but I have also worked on The Bachelor (7 seasons), The Bachelorette, Celebrity Apprentice, been the favourite make up artist of Turia Pitt, the Australian Womens Cricket team and have been so honoured to represent brands such as Esteé Lauder, MAC, and Laura Mercier, to name a few.

I am here to help women look flawless - but most importantly, feel fabulous about themselves. While I have started my journey applying makeup, the business has continued to expand; including stocking makeup, creating my own range of cosmetics, offering Custom Blend Foundation services, and running Beauty Workshops for women and teens.

Each avenue that I have grown into has helped to transform women in a beautiful and natural way. I stock makeup I can support and recommend, supporting other female businesses.

In focusing on this approach to business, I have built up a team of dedicated and passionate Makeup and Hair stylists that can be called upon for any occasion, and all stand with me on the ethos that confidence glowing from within is the most beautiful thing a person can wear.

Custom Blend Foundation 

Custom Blend foundation allows women to finally have a foundation that matches their natural skin tone with the coverage and texture they prefer.

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My Workshops 

My workshops provide an excellent format for a group of friends to get together in a fun and relaxed environment where they will learn the techniques of applying makeup and find out what colours and products suit them best.

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Whether you are a Bride to Be looking for a makeup artist for your wedding day, have a special event that requires a great look, or would love to learn the tricks of the trade, we will come to you and cater to, and exceed, your expectations.