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Good-bye panda eyes!

With a game-changing dual wand and waterproof tubing formula, this mascara is about to become your new go-to essential.
 Use one wand or both depending on the level of FABULOUS you’re vibing.

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Fabulous Mascara Love


This mascara is fab, so easy to apply, lashes don’t clump, and wears all day. Balled my eyes out watching a show and it didn’t budge. I also work long hours as a flight attendant and never need to touch up my mascara. It’s super easy to remove with just hot water in the shower, no need for fancy make up removers! The two wands are a game changer.


Proposal proof!

This mascara is work all day, come home and cry happy tears when your boyfriend proposes proof!

It did not budge 😍.

I'll be wearing this on my wedding day 100%.


Finding a mascara that lasts all day and night is like finding a unicorn 🦄!

Not only that but finding one that is easy to take off and doesn't flake or smudge WITH 2 types of wands is even better!
I'm one of those people that forget I'm wearing makeup and I'm not proud to say it but sometimes I sleep in it... even then I dont wake up with panda eyes! I can't live this mascara now! I will be recommending this to everyone I know.

Carla - Makeup Artist

This is by far the best mascara I have ever used.

The dual brush makes it easy to build up your lashes and get into those tricky spots.

It lasts the entire day with no smudging, even through tears!


The mini brush is a game changer, it shapes the eyes and allows you to shape bottom lashes so easily.

It also works like an almost eye liner which I particularly love.

Thank you very much for letting me try it!! I’m converted 😘🙌💫👌


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